Effective from 13th June 2024

We are providing a 100% guarantee that you will love our course if you actually pursue it.

Course fee paid to DATAISGOOD is not refundable as a general rule. However, we are introducing an exception to this, only for a limited time and only for our Diploma, Executive Certificate, Introductory, Remote International Work Courses, or Degree Programs (MBA) courses.

We understand that it may be difficult for people new to the world of online learning to feel confident and fully understand the power of an online course or a career development program. Especially, when such a programme requires extensive investment of time, energy and money. 

What we can do here to allay such fears is to offer a money back guarantee. Hence, we are introducing this refund policy as laid down in the following few paragraphs.

  • If a student enrolls into a Diploma, Executive Certificate, Introductory, Remote International Work Courses, or Degree Programs (MBA) courses from and after 30 days of usage, does not find any value in the course, then between the 30th day and 45th day counted from the day the course officially began, they can claim back the amount they have paid towards the course as a refund excluding any processing fees, subvention charges and other costs incurred by DATAISGOOD on the following condition: such person, before claiming refund must have:
  • Attended all the live online classes (in live mode only) in the first 30 days. Attendance in class also must be complete, for instance, if you attend a 60 min class for only 30 minutes, it doesn’t count as proper attendance. Watching a recording of the class does not qualify as attending the live class. and
  • H/she must have submitted all the assignments issued within the first 30 days successfully. The submissions have to be proper, within the deadline, and according to the submission requirements. If an assignment is issued within your 30-day period but the deadline comes later, successfully making that submission is also mandatory if you want to claim a refund.
  • The intention behind the condition is that only those who actually use the course with full participation and do not find it relevant can claim a refund. One should not be able to claim a refund without actually undergoing the course properly for a month. However, if one diligently follows the course for one month and sees no benefit, despite doing the various exercises and attending live classes, then we are happy to refund such a student in full provided that they raise such a claim between 30th and 45th day from the commencement date of the course batch.
  • After the 45th day is over, counted from the official commencement date of a batch/course, no refund request shall be entertained. No request will be entertained before the 31st day either.
  • Days are counted only from the day on which a course formally starts as per batch starting date, and not from the day of your enrollment or payment of fees.
  • If a student has missed any assignments, exercises or classes within the first 30 days, a refund request cannot be entertained. To qualify for refund under this refund policy, one needs to attend classes properly, participate, respond and fully experience the course curriculum. If one joins a class for less than the full duration of the class, for any reason whatsoever, it shall not qualify as proper engagement. Similarly one must submit assignments with a genuine intention of learning and not just to discharge themselves from the task.
  • In conclusion, once a student enrols for a course and takes all the coursework and accomplished them as suggested for 30 days if s/he still does not like it, and sees no point in pursuing it further, s/he may request refund by writing to within the next 15 days. We will provide him/her a no-questions-asked refund. After the 45th day, we will not be able to honour any refund request.
  • We may take a maximum of 60 days to refund the money to the source from which it was paid. However, we try to refund within 14 days after a valid request is made.
  • We will reserve the right to refuse to sell any course to the person who takes such refund. If you try to buy any other course in future from DATAISGOOD, you must disclose that you have taken such a refund in the past. We will also retain the rights to advertise the fact to our future customers that we made a refund of this nature.
  • Refund will only be processed upon students returning the hard copies, if any, received by them, to DATAISGOOD by registered post and students shall refrain from keeping any hard copy material with themselves. The books that are sent back to DATAISGOOD should be in good condition without any damage.
  • The problem with providing a course fee refund is that all courses are run as a batch and therefore we admit a limited number of students in each batch. If a person leaves in the middle, it becomes very troublesome for us to fill the vacancy in that batch. Still, we are taking this 100% refund policy as a challenge – that every student who will commit to our courses and teaching methodology properly will see immense benefit in the first month itself and s/he will have no reason to back out even with a full refund.

Not withstanding any other clause of this policy, if you do not clear the dues/ EMIs payable to the loan providing financial institute and or to the Finance partner; you will not be entitled to any refund under the refund policy, as we will not be able to replace you or refill a seat in an ongoing batch. 

Clarifications to Refund Policy

How will my attendance be logged on the DATAISGOOD system for the purpose of the refund policy?

Please note that it is mandatory to attend the classes in live mode only to be eligible to claim refund. Also key in your first and last name in order for us to identify and record your attendance. If you attend a class under an incognito or incorrect name, we will not be able to log your attendance. 

What should I do if I am facing technical issues?

In case a student is unable to fulfil a particular condition which is barring them from claiming a refund successfully, and such non-fulfilment is because of a technical error, we may create an exception if the student can prove that they raised a complaint to with the relevant screenshots and time stamps of the particular error.

I paid booking fees but I have changed my mind now and want a refund. 

Please note that all kinds of booking fees are non-refundable. The only exception is when the learner completes enrolment by paying the fees, and raises a request in compliance with the refund policy. 

When is the 30 day period for attendance and submission of assignments counted from?

Please note that the 30 day period for attending classes starts from the date of the first concept session of the batch. Attendance is not mandatory for onboarding sessions and feedback sessions, but highly recommended to benefit from the course.  

All assignments allocated to the learners within the first 30 days must be duly submitted, even if their due date falls after the 30-day period. For example, if an assignment was given on the 28th day and it is due on the 35th day, such assignment must also be submitted.

I have attended one or two and don’t find the course suitable for me. I want to raise a refund request right away. 

Premature refund requests will not be entertained. You must continue to participate in the course and comply with all the requirements of the policy. All refund requests must be raised within the time period of 30th to 45th day. 


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