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DataisGood gives you a platform that will leave no stone unturned in our bid to make you a Rockstar Data Scientist. We have meticulously planned your journey for a promising and fulfilling Data Science career ahead. 

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100+ Hours of Instructor-Led Training

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200+ Hours of Self Paced Training

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Why should you take this course?

The PG program in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks offered by dataisgood provides comprehensive coverage of all the subjects that can be used to successfully pass an interview for a data science position.

✅ Live Classes from practicing Data Science Instructors.

✅ Experimental Learning

✅ Comprehensive course Curriculum

✅ Industry Relevant Projects and Case studies

✅ Dedicated Student Success management(SSM) Team

✅ Soft skills and Interview Preparation Training

✅ Process Monitoring

✅ Strong Alumni Network

✅ Data Science Project Portfolio

✅ Exclusive Hackathons

Who should take this course?

✅ The PG program in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks at dataisgood is especially tailored for both experienced professionals and newcomers.

✅ This course will provide you all the knowledge you need to get started on your data science journey if you are a working professional wishing to transfer into the data science and artificial intelligence industries.

✅ For newcomers, the program offers a crucial platform that will help you build your skills and provide you a push to begin your career in data science.


DataisGood gives you a platform that will leave no stone unturned in our bid to make you a Rockstar Data Scientist . We have meticulously planned your journey for a promising and fulfilling Data Analysis career ahead.

  • Introduction to Python and Data Science
  • Data Structures in Python
  • Control Structures and Functions
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented
  • File Handling in Python
  • Regular Expressions
  • Advanced-Data Structures in Python
  • Functional Programming in Python
  • Unleashing the Power of Excel
  • Mastering Data Entry and Formatting
  • Cleaning and Manipulating Data
  • Mastering Excel Functions
  • Creating Stunning Visualizations
  • Advanced-Data Analysis Techniques
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Descriptive Statistics and Time Series Analysis
  • Interactive Dashboards and Adv. Data Visualization
  • Excel Macros
  • Getting Started with MySQL
  • SQL Commands Fundamentals
  • Data Types, Keywords, and Clauses in MySQL
  • Functions in MySQL
  • Aggregate Functions in MySQL
  • MySQL Constraints
  • MySQL Joins
  • MySQL Subqueries
  • Views and Stored Procedures in MySQL
  • Window Functions in MySQL
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Probability Theory
  • Statistical Inference I
  • Statistical Inference II
  • Regression Analysis I
  • Regression Analysis II
  • NumPY for Data Science
  • Basics of Series and DataFrame
  • Filtering using Pandas
  • Extracting and Aggregating Pandas
  • Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Plotly and Cuffinks
  • Introduction to Data Cleaning and Data Types
  • Exploring and Visualization the missing values
  • Advanced-Data Cleaning Concepts
  • Introduction to Feature Engineering
  • Feature Extraction and Transformation
  • Feature Selection and Dimensionality Reduction
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Understanding the Linear regression
  • Different types of Regularization Methods
  • Logistic // Binary Regression Modelling
  • KNN, SVM and Naive Bayes
  • Cluster Analysis with K-Means Algorithm
  • Advanced Clustering Techniques
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest
  • Introduction to Boosting
  • Imbalanced Machine Learning Models
  • Factor of Imbalanced Machine Learning Models
  • Techniques to Handle Imbalanced Data
  • Introduction to Recommendation Engines
  • Introduction to Time Series Analysis
  • Preprocessing and Visualization of Time Series Data
  • Time Series Forecasting using ARIMA
  • Exponential Smoothing Models for Time Series
  • Machine Learning Models for Time Series
  • Time Series Forecasting using Prophet
  • Introduction to NLP & Text Preprocessing
  • Feature Extraction for NLP
  • NLP Classification Deep Learning Models
  • RNN, LSTM, Resnet, GRU
  • Advance NLP Models Transformer and GPT-3
  • Introduction of Deep learning
  • CNN Models
  • Transfer Learning Models
  • NLP Deep Learning Models

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12 Months | Online Learning with Weekend Mentoring Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re attending a live class or buying a self-paced program, here are some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to us.

For your capstone project, you’ll tackle a real-world data problem from end to end. Develop a pitch and problem statement, source and collect relevant data, conduct an exploratory data analysis, and build a predictive model.

You’ll document and share your findings through a presentation, technical report, and non-technical summary. Throughout this Accelerator Course you’ll also compile a portfolio of projects designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each unit. Gain hands-on experience with statistical and machine learning models, Python programming tools, recommender systems, neural networks, and more.

Not only that, You will get to Work on Projects from Topics such as Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Time-series Forecasting, Deep Learning, Recommendation Engines, NLP, Chatbots, Web Scraping, Computer Vision, etc.

There is a world of job opportunities in data, data analytics, big data, and business improvement they can bring. If the numbers are right, it looks like demand will exceed supply.

There are several possible data job names required, including Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and Data Specialist. It is essential to home in on the one that best suits your skills and aspirations, perhaps leaving the door open to continuous career development later.

However, be aware that people may use in many ways, sometimes even mutually. So, look at each claim to make sure that at your next work assessment or hiring interview, you consent on what the job role includes, as well as its name.

It’s up to you!

Our Remote courses offer a learning experience that allows you to learn from the comfort of home. If you have a busy travel schedule, or just want to save yourself the commute, a Remote course could be a good option for you.

Instructor Courses are Better when you want to learn everything in a Specified Manner, but if you think you are smart enough and can learn all the concepts on your own, You can opt for the selfpaced Program.

If you are a Fresher, Who is Just out of the College, then the Data Analyst Career Track is More Preferable Option for you as It is very easy to get Job Opportunities as a Data Analyst. But If you are Highly Devotional towards becoming a Data Scientist, you can choose to go with the Data Scientist Career Track as well.

Yes, Of Course,
you will get Assistance from our Teaching Assistants any time you wish.

The Teaching Assistants will help you to complete the Capstone Project if you face any difficulties. Apart from that our Mentors and Instructors will also help you to Come up with New and amazing ideas for the Capstone Project.

In Our Data Science Programs, We Train our Students using Python Programming Language, as we strongly believe that Python is a very simple Programming language to master, and Most of the Data Scientists prefer using Python Programming Language due to its Durability and adaptability.

Similarly, Coming to the BI Tool, we will be Training our Students with Tableau, as we firmly believe that Tableau is the Most Popular and powerful BI Tool, and at the same time It is very easy to master Tableau.

Yes, Definitely you can join our Batch in future if you are not able to complete your course in the Specified Time, but Only One such chance would be given.

You can join any Other Batch from Starting and avail the Services all Over again.

Not only that, You can Request a Personal Teaching Assistant, who would constantly help you evolve in your career, and also help you to complete your assignments and projects.

As an Edtech Company, Data is Good focuses on developing Overall Personality of an Individual. We not only focus on Technical Skills but also focus on Imparting Creativity, Passion, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership Qualities etc.