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What You're Going To Learn 👇

✅   The essential skills you need, to start any Data Science Project.

✅   Understand the techniques and secrets to start building impressive Data Science Portfolio.

✅  Implement and Apply Core Data Science Analysis, Mining and Visualization to find hidden trends and patterns.

✅   Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and algorithms required to solve easy to advanced Data Science Problems.

✅   What most Aspirant Data Scientists get entirely wrong — and how using this knowledge can help you turn the tide and jump-start your Data Science career almost immediately.

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This workshop is for you if you are a…

Data Science Aspirants

Data Science aspirant who wants laser-focused guidance to start a high-demand Data-Science career.

Non-Technical Background

Comes from a completely non-technical background who has never done coding before

Zero-Coding Experience

Even if you have done a little bit of coding, but never worked as a Data Scientist

Working Professionals

Working professional who wants to upskill and to get into high paying Data Science role.

Wants Recession-Free Career

Build a recession-free career where market ups and downs don’t affect you in any way

If you ✅ checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re invited to join The Transformative Data Science Workshop for beginners.

And don’t just take our word for it, just look at the results our learners have been getting.

Our Learners Love Us

The Track Record For the Previous Workshops Speak For Themselves. 😊

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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask…

Yes, this would be a long with one hour live Workshop every day. The expert instructor and mentor would take you through various topics with hands-on practice as mentioned above.

No, there would not be a recording provided. It would be a one time live Workshop.

This workshp will help you jumpstart your Data Science career by taking you through building blockst We have selected the top mentors from across domains to mentor you.

No, there aren’t any prerequisites. This Workshop would cover the very basics of the Data Science. Thousands of students who came with zero coding experience have learned immensely from this workshop.

If you checklist any one of the points mentioned in the “Who is this Workshop for?”, we assure you that this would be one of the best and most engaging and informative journeys for you.